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Guidance - Land Lords

Guidance On Renting Your Property
  1. Check Your Property
  2. Obtain an EPC Certificate
  3. Advertise with Agent Free Properties
  4. Find a Tenant & Take A Deposit
  5. Draw Up A Tenancy Agreement & Inventory

    Check You Property

    All gas appliances will need to be checked and tested by a Corgi registered gas engineer once a yeear, or whenever a new tenant moves into the property.

    You will also have to comply with the Fire Safety Regulations and provide smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire exits (dependant on the type of property).

    Any furniture you provide for the tenants will also have to comply with the Fire Safety Regulations.

    Any repair work will also need to be undertaken prior to tenants moving in so that everything is provided for them in good working order.

    Obtain An EPC Certificate

    An Energy Performance Certificate is required by law by anyone advertising a property for sale or rent. If you have an existing tenant and there are no plans for them to vacate the property then you will not need an EPC. However if you are advertising for a new tenant then you must instruct a Domestic Energy Assessor to carry out an Energy Performance check before you begin marketing the property. The Energy Performace Certificate is valid for 10 years. By having an EPC produced now you could shorten the length of time between your tenant leaving and when it can start to be re-advertised.

    Advertise With Agent Free Properties:

    Create your advert quickly and easily, just enter your contact details, choose which advertising package you would like, and choose from our selected features which best describe what your property has to offer. You can even choose to have a 'To Let' board sent to you to help attract more interest in your property.

    Find a Tenant & Take A Deposit

    You should ask the tenant for a deposit, usually 4 to 6 weeks rent plus a months rent in advance.

    You should then ask them for references from their employers, their bank or previous landlords. They should also provide identification such a passport, birth certificate or a driving licence. There are companies who do reference checks for you. If you require information about this then please contact us via email: info@agentfreeproperties.com.

    Draw Up A Tenancy Agreement & Inventory

    After satisfactory references have been obtained the tenants should then sign the tenancy agreement. It is always worth running a tenancy agreement past a Solicitor. .

    A Tenancy Agreement should include:

    • The landlord and tenants name and address of the property being let
    • The date the tenancy will start and how long it is for
    • How much the rent is, and how often it should be paid
    • What the landlords responsibilities are, ie any required maintenance work
    • What the length of time the notice period is that the landlord needs to give the tenant

    It is recommended that you draw up an inventory with the tenant, detailing all the fixtures and fittings. Once agreed and signed by both parties a copy should be given to the tenant. This list is checked when the tenant leaves and any items missing or broken can be deducted from their deposit.