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Guidance - Home Sellers

Guidance On Selling Your Property Privately
  1. Value Your Property
  2. Obtain an EPC Certificate
  3. Instuct Your Solicitor
  4. Advertise on Agentfreeproperties.co.uk
Value Your Property:

Most people know roughly what the market value of their property is by comparing their property to others that are currently on the market. Have a look at the property pages of the local newspaper to help give you an idea of the prices of other similar properties to help guide you on what price to advertise yours at.

If you are still uncertain you can email us your address and brief description and we can offer you a guide price which we believe would be a suitable price guide.

Obtain an EPC Certificate:

If you are buying or selling a home you now need a certificate by law. EPCs are required whenever a building is built, sold or rented out. The certificate provides 'A' to 'G' ratings for the building, with 'A' being the most energy efficient and 'G' being the least, with the average up to now being 'D'.

Please contact us for help in finding a local energy assessor.

Instruct Your Solicitor:

We would always advise instructing a solicitor to act on your behalf when you decide to market your property, because when you have accepted an offer on your property they will need to deal with the legal work.

Before making a choice as to who will do the conveyancing, you should find out the probable cost. It is important to contact more than one solicitor or licensed conveyancer as there is no set scale of fees for conveyancing. You should:-

  • Check whether the figure quoted is a fixed fee or will vary if more work is required
  • Check that the figure includes expenses and VAT and get a breakdown of these costs
  • Find out what charges, if any, will be made if the sale falls through before contracts are exchanged.

Once the sale has been agreed, your solicitor will:

  • Obtain your title deeds and ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire
  • Prepare and send out a package of legal information and a contract for sale
  • Request a settlement figure for your mortgage and any other secured loans
  • Liaise with all relevant parties and negotiate a date for moving ('completion').

Once contracts have been exchanged, your solicitor will:

  • Receive the deposit as a down-payment
  • Organise final accounts and prepare a final settlement for your approval
  • Collect any balance of funds required
  • Approve the deed of transfer and arrange for you to sign it.

Upon completion, your solicitor will:

  • Pay off the mortgage and notify HM Land Registry
  • Hand over the deeds and send any balance of money to you.

Advertise With Agent Free Properties:

Create your advert quickly and easily, just enter your contact details, choose which advertising package you would like, and choose from our selected features which best describe what your property has to offer. You can even choose to have a 'For Sale' or 'To Let' board sent to you to help attract more interest in your property.

Already with an Estate Agent?

If you agency agreement says it is
'Sole Agency' then they can only charge you commission if they sell your property themselves, so if you sold it privately to someone through Agent Free Properties, you would not have to pay them their fees!

If your agency agreement says the agent has
'Sole Selling Rights' then they can claim their fee regardless of who sold the property, ie even if you sell it to a family member they will still charge you their commission fee. You can still advertise your property with Agent Free Properties even if you are tied into this type of contract, that way at least you will have double the chance of finding a buyer.